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5 Steps from A Pediatric Dentist in Casper on Treating Crooked Teeth

July 25, 2018

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A child giving a thumbs up at his dental appointment.When baby teeth start falling out, it’s normal to experience a mixture of excitement and worry. It’s exciting to see your child growing up, but the possibility of their teeth growing in crooked could spell disaster if it’s not caught and treated early. That’s why your pediatric dentist in Casper is here to put you at ease.

Here are five steps to take the moment you believe your child’s teeth are coming in crooked.

Step #1: Commit to Routine Dentist Visits

If you aren’t scheduling routine visits for your child already, you’ll want to make sure they’re seeing their dentist once every six months. Visits should begin as soon as their baby teeth appear, not just to confirm that they’re clean, but to monitor their development from now on. If possible, take your child to a pediatric dentist. These dentists acquire an additional two to three years of schooling and know how to relate and work with children, unlike many general dentists.

Step #2: Target Bad Habits

With help from your dentist, you both can identify bad habits and work towards correcting them while your child is still young. For example, pacifiers should not be worn past the age of two and thumb-sucking should not become the default method for a child to calm themselves down. Working with your pediatric dentist will make addressing these issues far easier.

Step #3: Examine Their Growth

If your child’s permanent teeth have begun appearing and they start to look crooked, don’t panic! While they look crooked at first, it doesn’t mean they won’t begin to correct themselves as they continue growing. As mentioned, regular visits to your dentist will help keep you at ease and confirm if orthodontic intervention is needed.

Step #4: See a Specialist

The moment your dentist recommends you see an orthodontist, then it’s time to start thinking about braces. An orthodontist specializes in the correction of malpositioned teeth and uneven bites, also known as malocclusions. The sooner they make a visit, the earlier your child can begin treatment and the easier treatment will be. Just like any preventive treatment, handling minor issues is easier and cheaper than major issues, and misalignment is no exception.

Step #5: Begin Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment

When treating issues at a young age, orthodontics can be separated into two phases.

  • Phase One – Begins early while the patient still has many baby teeth. Phase one typically uses tongue spurs to reduce bad habits or palatal expanders to help create space for new teeth.
  • Phase Two – Begins when the patient has most or all of their permanent teeth. This phase is usually associated with metal braces that are worn for 18 to 36 months, depending on the case.

Stay on top of your child’s oral health for years to come with help from your children’s orthodontist in Casper. Schedule an appointment today!

About the Author

Dr. Roy E. Paulson is trained in the pediatric growth and management of your child’s mouth. Once their permanent teeth start coming in, you’ll discuss everything from tooth alignment to bite correction to make your child’s smile healthy again. To learn more about his procedures, contact him through his website.

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