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Casper Children's Dental Blog

A Guide to Help You Teach your Child to Floss

February 6, 2023

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Portrait of a family flossing

Getting kids to take care of their oral hygiene is always difficult, especially when it comes to flossing. Children often struggle with the fine motor skills necessary to perform hygiene tasks on their own, and dental floss in particular can be a high hurdle to clear.

That doesn’t even consider the simple fact that many kids aren’t interested in flossing at all. If you find yourself struggling with how to get your kids to clean between their teeth here’s a guide with some tips that could help you.


Are Dental X-rays Safe for My Kids?

January 26, 2023

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Most pediatric dentists are used to putting parents at ease. When your child goes for a checkup, it’s natural to worry about whether certain procedures are safe for them.

For example, you might be concerned when your dentist takes a big x-ray machine, turns it on, and aims it right at your child’s face! Bitewing x-rays can be intimidating for sure, but don’t worry; they’re perfectly safe. If you want to learn a little more about dental x-rays, and why they’re completely safe for kids, here’s a little more information about them.


5 Essential Tips to Avoid an Orthodontic Emergency

January 4, 2023

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a girl smiling happily with her orthodontic treatment

Orthodontics can fix a range of issues with your child’s pearly whites. Whether it’s overcrowding or bite misalignment, your little one’s orthodontist can get your child’s smile on a straighter path!  You are doing everything to make the journey for them as smooth as possible. While very uncommon, you want to be sure any unexpected mishaps with your child’s new treatment. Read on to learn five essential tips to avoid an orthodontic emergency.


How to Protect Your Child from Cavity-Causing Drinks

December 4, 2022

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child drinking juice box

If your child is like most youngsters, they are often found running around during the summer months with a juice box or sports drink in hand. While you might assume these beverages are completely harmless, the truth is they are common contributors to tooth decay. If you’re wondering what the cause of your children’s cavities might be, a pediatric dentist in Casper explains why you’ll want to swap out these summertime favorites for healthier options.


How Praising Kids Can Improve Their Oral Hygiene

November 17, 2022

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Family Brushing Teeth Together in Their Bathroom

Getting your child to brush their teeth can be a challenge, but it’s deeply important for them to prevent oral health problems in the future. Thankfully, a new study published in Child Development might provide some important insight into how to motivate your child to brush. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, and the Santa Fe Institute tried to gauge what factors contributed to children being able to complete menial tasks. They measured how long young children were able to brush their teeth, getting some interesting results about the role that praise played in their success. Here’s what they found.


Vital Facts About Children’s Dental Health Every Parent Should Know

November 10, 2022

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A child receiving children's dentistry

If you’re a first-time parent, you may not know how to manage your child’s oral care. After all, it’s not like you suddenly grasp children’s dentistry once your little one is born. However, it’s essential to learn the basics, or else their teeth and gums could suffer serious issues. Thankfully, though, your Casper dentist is here to help you out. Read on to learn four children’s dental health facts that you should know — they’ll keep your kid’s smile safe!


A Guide to the Best and Worst Candies for Your Child’s Teeth This Halloween

October 29, 2022

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A child eating gummy worms.

Something is approaching. Without you even realizing it, it’s creeping closer and closer. Ready or not, it’s here; it’s Halloween!

Preparing for Halloween can be a little overwhelming. Between putting up decorations, planning parties, and choosing costumes, it might feel like you’re always under the gun. With all of that on your plate, it might be a bit of a tall order to consider your child’s oral health. However, not thinking about the effects candy will have on their teeth will mean far more cavities after Halloween. Thankfully, some sweets are less likely to lead to tooth decay than others. If you’re feeling the pressure, then this guide will make it easy to figure out which candy would be best for your child.


When Does Thumb Sucking Become a Problem?

September 20, 2022

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Baby sucking its thumbThumb sucking is common for infants and toddlers. The self-soothing habit may melt your heart with cuteness overload; however, it can become a big problem down the road. If your child doesn’t break the habit as their baby teeth emerge, it can have lasting consequences for their smile. Here’s how you can save your bundle of joy from future dental work and developmental issues. 


6 Tips to Help a Teething Baby Sleep

September 10, 2022

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Baby sleeping comfortablyNothing is more exciting than your baby’s first tooth. However, it can be a long and painful rite of passage for your infant. It can mean long, stressful nights trying to soothe your baby to sleep. Don’t worry, here are 6 tips to ease your child’s discomfort for a tear-free night, so everyone can get the rest they need.


Why Is It Important to Get a Mouthguard for Kids?

August 24, 2022

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No matter where the competition might take place, does your child enjoy being involved in sports? Parents want their little ones to be equipped with the right protective gear like a helmet or shin guards, but they may not always think about the importance of a mouthguard for kids. Keep reading to learn from a pediatric dentist in Casper about why it matters to get a customized protective mouthpiece for them before their next game.

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