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3 Challenges Parents Face When Looking for Special Needs Dentistry

October 16, 2021

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a child with special needs

It is not uncommon for children with special needs to experience some serious oral health problems. Because of their disabilities, it can make visiting the dentist a difficult and even traumatic experience for some. For parents, the challenges are heightened when trying to find a practice that offers special needs dentistry in Casper. Read on to discover how a trusted dentist can help minimize these challenges and provide children with the help they need to embrace better oral health.

The Challenge of At-Home Oral Care

You should begin practicing oral habits early on to help them become familiar with the textures and overall process. Even if you have a child with special needs, they can begin to understand the importance of healthy teeth and gums. As soon as their teeth erupt, brush with a soft-bristled toothbrush and floss. As your child grows older, you may need to adjust the type of toothpaste or mouth rinse used, especially if they struggle to swish or if they tend to gag during this morning or nighttime routine.

The Challenge of Incorporating Healthy Foods

Sugar and starch are common food types that harbor bad bacteria. For children with special needs, it can be hard getting them to eat certain foods, especially those with specific textures. It is essential to keep healthy foods in the house and make sweets a special treat during dinnertime. It’s also important to make sure you’re brushing and flossing their teeth after every meal or at least having them drink water to flush out any food particles.

The Challenge of Maintaining Optimal Oral Health

If you have a child with a behavioral, physical, or mental disability that requires them to be on various medications, do not be surprised if they develop many common oral health problems. Children with genetic disorders are often prone to delayed tooth eruption, congenitally missing teeth, and even those that are malformed. Gum disease can also be a common problem because of the difficulties these children experience when trying to care for their smiles. When teeth are crowded or misaligned, brushing and flossing can seem impossible.

Those with cerebral palsy or who have mental disabilities might often suffer from bruxism and experience worn tooth enamel as a result. Because children with all types of special needs tend to have weakened immune systems and must take various medications, they are more susceptible to tooth decay, cavities, and other serious oral health problems.

Finding the Right Dentist

Because these potential issues are of higher concern for these patients, it is necessary for parents like yourself to find a pediatric dentist in Casper who offers special needs dentistry. This will ensure your child gets the help they need in a safe, welcoming, and positive environment. By providing unique accommodations, a dental expert can make your child’s next visit and their view on oral hygiene a positive one.

Put your child on the right path to better oral health by finding a special needs dentist in Casper. This relationship will ensure your little one receives the attention and care needed to dodge many timely and costly treatments over the years.

About the Author
Dr. Roy Paulson is pleased to provide special needs dentistry to families living in Casper and its surrounding communities. With specialized training in treating young smiles, he works closely with parents to establish a personalized approach and special accommodations for children with behavioral, physical, and mental disabilities. If you have a child that has special needs and you’re ready to let us help you take better care of their smile, visit our website or call (307) 266-1997.

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