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4 Reasons Why Your Child May Need a Tooth Extraction before Braces

September 10, 2019

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As a parent, you do your best to give your child every opportunity to thrive and succeed in life, which is why you’re diligent in bringing them to the dentist every six months for checkups and cleanings. During one visit, the dentist says that your child needs braces, but they also say that they’ll need to extract a tooth before beginning orthodontic treatment. But that feels so drastic! Is extraction really necessary? Why would the dentist recommend removing a tooth before placing braces in Casper? Keep reading to learn four potential reasons!

Address Any Stubborn Primary Teeth

Although primary, otherwise known as baby, teeth are very likely to be gone and the permanent teeth erupted by the time your child reaches their teenage years, these small teeth can stick around longer than necessary for some patients. If your child needs early orthodontic intervention or if their baby teeth just don’t seem to want to come out on their own, these primary teeth may need to be extracted to allow the permanent teeth to grow in properly. The good news is that primary teeth extractions are generally much less intensive and require less recovery time than permanent teeth extractions.

Reduce Crowding

Some patients’ mouths are just too compact to fit all the permanent teeth they have in a neat line. One common sign of overcrowding is protruding front teeth. Even with expanding your child’s arches forward and sideways, they simply might not have the space to fit the number of teeth that your child has. Instead of trying to push the limits on expansion, it may be necessary to remove a tooth so that the rest can fit comfortably within your child’s mouth.

Remove Extra Teeth

Did you know that some people naturally have extra teeth. When all their adult teeth have grown in, your child should have 32 total, but if they have one or two more than normal, it can easily cause crowding. Plus, these extra teeth can distort the aesthetics of their smile. Removing unnecessary teeth may address their alignment issues or at minimum reduce them and facilitate orthodontic treatment. For these reasons, your child’s dentist may suggest extraction before beginning braces.

Correct the Bite

The way the upper and lower teeth line up together not only determines how well your child can chew and grind their food, but it also plays a significant role in how long your child’s healthy smile will last in the long term. An uneven bite can cause excessive wear and weakness in the tooth enamel, potentially leading to cracks or breaks and decay in the future. Removing a tooth can enable them to have proper jaw alignment, chew more efficiently, and keep their teeth healthier for longer.

Depending on your child’s situation, extraction may be the best way for them to achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. Make sure you fully understand the reasons behind the dentist’s recommendation so that you and your child can feel confident moving forward. And don’t worry! If your child does need an extraction, your dentist can offer sedation dentistry for teens to make the process as comfortable as possible for them.

About the Practice

At Casper Children’s Dental Clinic, father-and-son team Dr. Roy Paulson and Dr. Ryne Paulson are proud to help young patients have a positive dental experience. With decades of combined experience, they are sure to explain their diagnosis and treatments clearly to both parent and child, and they are genuinely concerned with making sure that children feel comfortable in the chair. To make an appointment with them, call (307) 266-1997 or click here.

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