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How Can I Tell If My Child Needs a Frenectomy?

June 2, 2021

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girl smiling after a frenectomy in Casper

Is your child struggling to swallow certain foods? Do they sound as if they have a lisp? Are they having difficulty breathing through their nose while they sleep? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it may be time to get them in to see a pediatric dentist about whether they need a frenectomy in Casper. If bands of tissues located behind the upper lip and/or underneath the tongue are restricting their oral function, this can negatively impact your child’s ability to eat, speak, sleep, and smile. But do you know what to look for to determine if they need to see a dentist? Here are 5 signs your child needs a frenectomy.

What is a Frenectomy?

If your child has a lip- or tongue-tie, a frenectomy may be what they need to release the banded tissue and restore their oral function. A children’s dentist in Casper can use a soft tissue laser to correct the problem and restore your child’s ability to eat and speak without further problems. With minimal bleeding and swelling because of the laser’s gentle precision and accuracy, the process is virtually painless, requiring only local anesthesia, and takes very little time to complete. When finished, your child will require a short recovery period at home before being able to resume normal activity.

Signs Your Child Needs a Frenectomy

Unsure how you can tell if your child needs a frenectomy? You’re not alone. Unless you know what to look for or are a pediatric dentist in Casper yourself, you’ll often need a professional to look at your little one’s smile and inform you as to whether the procedure is necessary. But to avoid any confusion, here are 5 signs it’s time to bring your child in for an appointment:

  • Their gums are receding – While gum recession is commonly the result of aggressive brushing or gum disease, it can also occur when a child’s frenulums are restricted.
  • They have difficulty speaking clearly – It may sound as if your child has a lisp. A tongue- or lip-tie can make it harder for your little one to speak with clarity, which can lead to self-esteem issues the older they get.
  • They breathe through their mouth – If they have a lip-tie, they may be unable to close their mouth fully, causing them to breathe through their mouth instead of their nose. This can lead to sleep-disordered breathing and eventually, sleep apnea if left untreated.
  • They struggle to eat certain foods or latch – Depending on the age of your child, their ability to eat may be hindered by a lip- or tongue-tie. Babies oftentimes have difficulty latching while nursing, whereas older children can struggle to swallow while eating certain foods.
  • They develop a gap between their teeth – When a lip-tie is present, it can cause a gap to form between a child’s upper front two teeth, which can increase their risk for tooth decay and cause self-confidence issues.

Seeking the help of a trusted pediatric dentist in Casper is a good idea if you think your child might need a frenectomy. If you’re ever unsure or would like additional information about the procedure, don’t hesitate to contact a member of your child’s dental team.

About the Author
Dr. Roy Paulson is a board-certified pediatric dentist and has been practicing for more than 37 years. As a kid’s dentist in Casper, he and the team at Casper Children’s Dental Clinic are here to help your little one achieve better oral function, so if they have a lip- or tongue-tie, it’s important that you get them in to see us as soon as possible. Using a soft tissue laser, we can easily release the banded tissue. If you suspect your child might need a frenectomy, visit our website or call (307) 223-8814.

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