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About Casper Children’s Dental in Casper, Wyoming

As a pediatric dental office in Casper, Wyoming, the dentists at Casper Children’s Dental have two goals: provide great pediatric dental care and make it FUN! When we make visiting the dentist fun for your child, we make him or her more likely to keep up with regular dental care throughout his or her entire life. We look after your child’s health by using the latest dental care technology, and we make it fun by providing a range of entertainments and comforts.

Our office is all digital; with digital X-rays and paperless charting, we make diagnosis and record keeping more effective and efficient, which is great news for our patients. Parents appreciate knowing that we’re using digital X-rays, which expose kids to far, far less radiation than a traditional X-ray does. Plus, they’re easy to view on chairside monitors, helping your child better understand his or her mouth and oral health. To make things even easier for you, we offer iPads in reception so that you can electronically check in your children.

As for comforts and fun, we offer TVs in all the treatment rooms, and kids can watch cartoons and movies. We have arcade games and a play area with toys in the reception room, and there’s a TV in there to keep parents entertained as well.

Dr. Paulson and Dr. Ryne enjoy helping children from Casper, Gillette, and surrounding communities get excited about dental care. Our team includes members who’ve been with us for over a decade; they’re committed to making sure that our office feels like a home-away-from-home for patients and their parents.

We can’t wait to meet your child, so contact us to make an appointment at Casper Children’s Dental near Gillette, Wyoming. We work with Medicaid to help local families get the care they need. For Casper, Gillette, and surrounding communities like Evansville, Glenrock, and Douglas, our pediatric dental office helps kids have FUN with comprehensive dental care!

102 North Kenwood Street, Casper, WY 82601 USA
Dr. Roy Paulson At Casper Children’s Dental, we know that providing your child with a range of dental services is essential to optimal results, great health, and proper development. Beyond general pediatric dentistry and cavity prevention, we offer orthodontics, too! We also provide various specialized solutions to certain problems, such as teeth grinding. (307) 266-1997