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Interceptive Orthodontics for Children in Casper and Gillette, Wyoming

Kids often need interceptive orthodontics to ensure proper development and lead them toward functional smiles. That’s why we offer orthodontics at Casper Children’s Dental in Casper, Wyoming. By combining pediatric dental care and orthodontics in one office, we make sure that your child is being well taken care of. This way, as soon as we notice any deviations in your child’s development, we can intervene and include orthodontics and growth modification in the overall dental treatment plan.

You should have your child examined for possible orthodontic problems by the age of seven. Orthodontic issues can begin to show as soon as adult teeth have erupted, and Dr. Paulson can use interceptive orthodontics early on to prevent the development of dental problems that could call for more intensive orthodontic treatment later on. With early interceptive orthodontics, we can actually provide more efficient care.

Space Maintainers

Baby teeth have a very important function; they maintain space in the mouth and help guide development before the adult teeth come in. While these teeth will eventually fall out, premature loss of baby teeth can cause remaining teeth to shift out of position, which can lead to improper development when adult teeth begin to erupt. We use custom-made space maintainers to prevent this from happening and help teeth maintain their proper positions. Space maintainers may be fixed or removable and are typically made of stainless steel and/or plastic.

Arch Expansion

If your child’s arches are too small to allow for the permanent teeth to come in correctly, we can use interceptive orthodontics to expand the arches and make room. This prevents common problems like crowding, which will later require possible tooth extraction and braces. When teeth come in crowded, it will cause them to also be crooked, and this can leave crevices that are impossible to clean thoroughly, increasing the risk of cavities and gum disease.

Growth Modification

Sometimes the upper and lower jaws might grow at different paces and become unbalanced; this can be the beginning of problems like overbite or underbite. With interceptive growth modification orthodontic appliances, we can guide the growth of the bite while it’s still developing.

We’ll look for signs of orthodontic problems at all of your child’s dental checkups. If you’re concerned about a problem or just need to schedule a regular exam at Casper Children’s Dental, contact us. We help children from Casper, Gillette, Evansville, Glenrock, Douglas, and beyond in Wyoming have fun while exploring options for obtaining the best oral health possible.

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