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Pediatric Dentistry Services for Casper and Gillette, Wyoming

Why bring your child to a pediatric dental office? While many general dentists provide children’s dental care, a pediatric dentist has extensive specialty training in the treatment of kids’ smiles. We know about the unique challenges kids can face as their mouths develop, and we focus on giving children exactly what they need to grow into healthy adults. We also know how to make sure kids enjoy coming to the dental office! At Casper Children’s Dental, we offer a range of pediatric dentistry services that can help your child maintain great oral health throughout these vital early years.

Cavity prevention is the most essential element to pediatric dentistry. Kids are very cavity-prone, and we want to help strengthen their tooth enamel and prevent decay so that they don’t prematurely lose baby teeth or develop early cavities in their adult teeth once those come in. Children are simply not as thorough about their oral hygiene at home as adults can be, and that’s why twice yearly visits for cavity prevention, including cleanings and fluoride treatments, are the foundation of excellent general pediatric dentistry. As part of your child’s general pediatric dental care, we’ll help them with education about the three Bs (brush before bed), as well as other ways to take great care of their own teeth and gums.

We also know that kids often need orthodontic treatment, including interceptive orthodontics, to help them develop properly. By combining orthodontics and growth modification with your child’s pediatric dentistry in one office, we can make it much easier for you to have access to the children’s dental care services your child needs when they need them.

Children can have similar problems to adults, but they need specialized treatment. Instead of a root canal, we can perform pulpotomies when an infection threatens your child’s teeth. We can also place stainless steel crowns, which are the version of tooth protection that’s recommended for kids. Kids can require tooth replacement and protection from the ill effects of teeth grinding, too.

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For families in Casper, Gillette, Evansville, Glenrock, and Douglas, Wyoming, Casper Children’s Dental is here, offering fun and effective dental care to help kids have great smiles. Our office works with Medicaid to help make care more available to the community, and we’ve created an atmosphere where children can feel very comfortable and at home. Contact us to make an appointment for your child’s next checkup!

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Dr. Roy Paulson At Casper Children’s Dental, we know that providing your child with a range of dental services is essential to optimal results, great health, and proper development. Beyond general pediatric dentistry and cavity prevention, we offer orthodontics, too! We also provide various specialized solutions to certain problems, such as teeth grinding. (307) 266-1997