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Children’s Teeth Grinding Protection for Casper and Gillette, Wyoming

You may have dealt with teeth grinding (also known as bruxism) at some point. It’s a very common problem amongst adults. But did you know that your child can suffer from teeth grinding, too? This problem can do serious damage to young smiles; that’s why we offer help for kids who are grinding their teeth to prevent more complex damage and keep them from needing more advanced treatment. At Casper Children’s Dental, we help Casper and Gillette, Wyoming families get a varied array of pediatric dental care options to address a range of needs.

How do you know if your child needs attention for teeth grinding? You can look for certain signs. You may notice that your child’s teeth are getting shorter or that the edges look worn. If you enter your child’s bedroom at night while he or she is sleeping, you might notice their jaw moving or hear a grinding noise. Your child might complain of jaw or tooth pain, especially in the morning. These can all be signs that your child is suffering with bruxism.

We’ll look for signs of teeth grinding at your child’s dental checkups, and should Dr. Paulson see any, we can suggest a safe, effective therapy to curb the problem and protect your child’s teeth. Grinding can actually cause tooth damage and loss, so it’s a serious problem.

What causes teeth grinding? It can be caused by stress, a misaligned bite, inner ear problems, or other issues. Dr. Paulson may prescribe the use of a custom nightguard if we notice excessive tooth wear. This comfortable appliance is worn during sleep to prevent teeth grinding and protect teeth. Luckily, the majority of kids who grind their teeth outgrow the problem eventually.

Call our Casper or Gillette, WY pediatric dental office today to schedule your child’s bruxism assessment with Dr. Paulson. We also help kids from Evansville, Glenrock, Douglas, and surrounding communities, too. We want to make sure that your child has all the tools they need to protect their delicate teeth from unnecessary damage.

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